4th,7th April 2016 ON AIR ‘Group Rabies Vaccinations are Underway / International Disaster Prevention Volunteers Sought’

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Minato City is conducting group rabies vaccinations for fiscal 2016. Notifications are being sent out to owners of dogs that are registered with Minato City. Please visit the vaccination site nearest to you and receive the inoculation. There is no parking available.
The total fee is 3,650 yen; 3100 yen for the rabies shot and 550 yen for the vaccination tag.
The city asks that you do the following:
・Please fill out the application and take it with you to the vaccination site.
・Please have the exact change with you.
・Dogs must be accompanied by someone who can control them.
・If your dog has received the combined vaccine within a month of the group vaccination date, the dog cannot be vaccinated for rabies.
・Please bring the necessary items to clean up after your dog.
For details such as the schedule, please see the Minato City website or the April edition of Minato Monthly.

Next, information on the recruitment of International Disaster Prevention Volunteers.
Minato City is seeking international disaster prevention volunteers to provide foreign nationals with accurate information and facilitate smooth communication in the event of a disaster.
Anyone is eligible, and speakers of all foreign languages are being sought. *Applicants must be able to speak conversational Japanese.
Qualifications and experience are not necessary.
Volunteer activities cover:
[In the event of a disaster] interpretation at places such as evacuation shelters and the consultation desk for foreign nationals, as well as translation of disaster information,
[During normal times] interpretation at community activities such as disaster prevention drills, and local events.
A training session will be held once a year.
To apply, please download the application form from the Minato City website, fill it out, and submit it in person or by post.
For enquiries, please call the Global Community Planning Subsection of the Community Promotion Section at Minato City Hall on 03-3578-2046.


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スケジュール等の詳細は、港区ホームページまたはMinato Monthly4月号をご覧ください。

募集言語は、すべての言語です。 ※日本語は日常会話程度話せる方です。
お問い合わせは、港区役所 地域振興課国際化推進係 電話番号03-3578-2046 までお願いします。



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有关详细日程等,请浏览港区主页或参照《Minato Monthly(港区月报)》4月号。


2016년 4월 8일 방송 ‘광견병 예방접종 집합주사를 실시합니다/국제 방재 자원봉사를 모집합니다’

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(Korean)금방 듣는다
미나토구에서는 2016년도 광견병 예방접종 집합주사를 실시합니다.
미나토구에 등록되어 있는 개 주인에게 통지서를 우송해 드리고 있습니다.
가까운 회장에 가셔서 예방접종을 해 주시기 바랍니다. 주차장은 없습니다.
비용은 주사 요금 3,100엔과 주사필증 교부 수수료 550엔을 합해 3,650엔입니다.
다음 사항을 부탁드립니다.
・신청서 등에 기재사항을 기입해 회장에 지참해 주십시오.
・거스름돈이 나오지 않도록 준비해 주십시오.
・개를 다룰 수 있는 사람이 데려고 와 주십시오.
・1개월 이내에 혼합 백신을 접종했을 경우에는 예방 접종을 할 수 없습니다.
・오물을 처리할 수 있는 것을 준비해 주십시오.。
일정 등 자세한 사항은 미나토구 홈페이지 또는Minato Monthly 4월호를 참고해 주십시오.

이어서 국제방재자원봉사자 모집에 대해 안내해 드리겠습니다.
미나토구에서는 재해시 외국인에게 정확한 정보를 제공하고 의사 소통을 원활히 하기 위해 국제방재자원봉사자를 모집하고 있습니다.
누구나 등록할 수 있습니다.
모집 언어는 모든 언어입니다. ※일본어는 일상회화 정도를 말할 수 있는 분입니다.
자격・경험 등이 특별히 없어도 됩니다.
활동 내용은
【재해시】 대피소 등에서 통역, 외국인 상담 창구에서 통역, 재해 정보 번역
【평상시】 방재훈련 등 지역 활동과 이벤트 등의 통역입니다.
매년 1회 연수가 있습니다.
신청 방법은 미나토구 홈페이지에서 등록신청서를 다운로드해 해당사항을 기입하신 뒤 우송해 주시거나 또는 직접 지참해서 신청해 주십시오.
자세한 내용은 미나토구청 지역진흥과 국제화추진계 전화 03-3578-2046으로 문의해 주십시오.

28th,31st March 2016 ON AIR ‘Information on Subsidies for Furniture Tipping Prevention Devices etc. / Information from the Public Relations Subsection’

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(English)listens now.
If a disaster such as an earthquake occurs, InterFM897 will provide the necessary information from Minato City, including evacuation procedures and damage updates.
Please tune in to InterFM897 if a major earthquake strikes.
Minato City provides furniture tipping prevention devices etc free of charge, with the aim of keeping damage from falling furniture to a minimum in the event of an earthquake. Those eligible are households whose members reside in Minato City and are registered as residents. Aid is available only once per household and is provided in the form of furniture tipping prevention devices and shatter prevention film for glass etc.
To apply, please fill out the application form for ‘Aid including furniture tipping prevention devices’ and submit it to the Collaboration Project Subsection of the Collaboration Project Section at any Regional City Office.
Enquiries should be made in Japanese to the Disaster-Prevention Community Support Subsection of the Disaster Prevention Section at Minato City Hall. The number to call is 03-3578-2512.

Next, information from Minato City’s Public Relations Subsection.
Minato City distributes information not just through its homepage, but through a variety of media, including SNS.
Disaster and Emergency information is provided in English, Chinese and Korean, through Twitter and Facebook.
Please search for the Twitter account under [@minato_city]. The Facebook URL is https://www.facebook.com/city.minato.
Minato City also broadcasts public information programs on YouTube.
The programs that have been broadcast are:
“Hi, from the Mayor of Minato City” (bilingual), and
“Minato Quick Journal” (bilingual), as well as
“Topics in Minato City”.
Please take a look. For details, please see the Minato City website.
The subsection in charge is the Public Relations Subsection of Minato City’s Office of the Mayor.


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お問い合わせは、港区役役所 防災課地域防災支援係 電話番号 03-3578-2512 までお願いします。 日本語のみの対応になります。

Twitter アカウントは、「@minato_city」、
Facebook URLは、「https://www.facebook.com/city.minato」で検索してください


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详情请咨询港区区役所防灾科防灾支援办公室, 电话:03-3578-2512,仅限日语。

推特账号为 @minato_city
Facebook网址为:https://www.facebook.com/city.minato 请您检索。
“港区快报” (双语播送)

2016년 4월 1일 방송 ‘가구전도방지기구 등 조성에 대해/미나토구 홍보계 알림’

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(Korean)금방 듣는다
InterFM897에서는 지진 등 재해시 대피 방법과 재해 정보 등 필요한 미나토구의 정보를 제공합니다. 대지진 등이 발생했을 때는InterFM897을 청취해 주십시오.
미나토구에서는 또 지진이 발생했을 때 가구가 쓰러지는 등의 피해를 최소한으로 막기 위해 가구 전도 방지기구 등을 무상으로 지급해 드리고 있습니다.
대상은 미나토구 내에 거주하고 있으며 주민등록을 한 가구로 한 가구 당 한 차례에 한해 조성해 드립니다. 가구전도방지기구와 유리 비산 방지 필름 등을 현물로 지급합니다.
‘가구전도방지기구 등 조성신청서’에 해당 사항을 기입하여 각 종합지소 협동추진과 협동추진계로 제출해 주십시오.
자세한 사항은 미나토구청 방재과 지역방재지원계 전화03-3578-2512로 문의해 주십시오. 일본어로 대응해 드립니다.

이어서 미나토구 홍보계에서 전해 드립니다.
미나토구는 홈페이지뿐만 아니라 SNS등 다양한 매체를 활용해 정보를 송신해 드리고 있습니다.
재해·긴급정보는 Twitter·Facebook를 활용해 영어·중국어·한글로 송신하고 있습니다.
Twitter 어카운트 「@minato_city」
Facebook URL 「https://www.facebook.com/city.minato」로 검색해 주세요.
미나토구에서는 또, 홍보 프로그램을 YouTube로 송신하고 있습니다.
송신하는 홍보 프로그램은
・「안녕하세요 미나토구청장입니다」 (바이링걸 방송)
・「미나토 퀵 저널」 (바이링걸 방송)과 그 외
・「미나토구 홍보 토픽」입니다.
많이 시청해 주십시오.
자세한 내용은 미나토구 홈페이지를 참고해 주십시오.
담당은 미나토구청장실 홍보계입니다.

21st,24th March 2016 ON AIR ‘Counter Service – Saturday Opening Hours / Introducing Minato City’s Attractions’

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(English)listens now.
Counters at Shiba Regional City Office on the first floor of Minato City Hall will be open on Saturday 26th March and Saturday 2nd April, from 8:30am to 5pm.
*Please note that other regional city offices will be closed.
The main procedures that will be dealt with include
・Acceptance of notifications for moving into and out of the city, and for change of residence,
・Seal registration,
・Issuance of the resident register, seal registration certificate, family register, and certificate of tax payment
・Payment of Residents’ Tax and National Health Insurance premiums,
・Children’s medical care subsidies
Please be aware that some services will not be available.
For enquiries, please call Minato Call on 03-5472-3710.

Next, information on Minato City’s attractions.
Today I will be introducing just a few of the many spots in Minato City, where you can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms.
At Shiba Park and Zojo-ji Temple, visitors can enjoy views unique to Minato City, where Tokyo Tower serves as a backdrop to the cherry blossoms. In the Kyu Shiba Onshi Garden, and the Nature Education Garden attached to the National Museum of Nature and Science, it is not just cherry blossoms that can be enjoyed, but different types of flowers and nature too.
Cherry blossoms can also be seen in the center of the city, in areas such as Roppongi and Akasaka, as well as at Aoyama Cemetary.
In Odaiba, there are parks where cherry blossoms can be viewed, such as Odaiba Seaside Park and Daiba Park.
And for something a little different, how about enjoying cherry blossoms from 150m above ground level? If you go up Tokyo Tower, there are 200 cherry blossom trees below on the east side, so you can see a carpet of cherry blossoms. At night, they are illuminated by the city lights and you can enjoy yozakura (night viewing of the cherry blossoms).
Don’t miss this opportunity to view cherry blossoms to your heart’s content in Minato City.



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お問い合わせは、みなとコール 電話番号03-5472-3710 までお願いします。